Trust Begins With No Proof Required

BlockATM aims to use decentralization to make crypto payments more secure, convenient, and trustworthy. We use Web3 technology and smart contracts to manage every transaction, ensuring its authenticity. Our philosophy is to use the immutable and trustworthy nature of decentralization to ensure the safety of your assets.

How BlockATM works







Why Choose BlockATM

Smart Contract Management

BlockATM offers 100% Smart Contract Management, enabling businesses to have complete control over deployments, deposits, custody, withdrawals, and destruction.

Reducing Costs

BlockATM charges a low flat fee of 2 USDT per transaction, with no platform fees, and no GAS FEE associated with fund concentration. Increase businesses profit margins.

Easy Integration

BlockATM can be easily integrated into any business website by embedding a widget code to enables crypto payments, and use a webhook to receive notifications for each transaction.

Avoiding Errors

Smart contract transactions allow your customers to make transactions without entering an wallet address, avoiding errors and making the operation more convenient.

Comparison Of BlockATM With Other
Crypto Asset Custody

FireBlocksLedger VaultBlockATM
Service Charge2500 - 4667 USD/Month999 - 9999 USD/MonthNo platform fee,
2 USDT per checkout transaction
1 USDT per payout transaction
Gas FEEPer transactionPer transactionPer Withdraw
Integration Time6 - 8 weeks6 - 8 weeks1 day
Transaction MethodQR code payment solution for consolidating multiple wallets.QR code payment solution for consolidating multiple wallets.Smart contract payment solution with no consolidation required.
Custody MethodAssets are custody by FireblocksAssets are custody by LedgerAssets are custody by your own smart contract
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BlockATM Interface Overview

More Payment Methods

BlockATM QRCodeBlockATM QRCode
PassTo CreditPassTo Credit